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About Us

 Our Story             Our Mission              Our Core Values            Our Vision          Hawai'i 

Our Story

Ohana Joy Farm is a family-owned and operated dream, turned business, that was founded by Crystal, Samantha and Scott in 2021. As a mother, daughter, and son-in-law team (respectively), we elicited the help of Scott’s three sons and our close friends and family to uproot our lives and transform a 7-acre farm in South Kona. We built the idea that became ‘Ohana Joy’ as a gathering place, farm & venue, but also as a representation of discovering purpose & spreading positivity, after years of sharing “what-ifs” and dreams about our shared passions for nature & helping others. The name Ohana Joy comes from our bond as a family, or ‘ohana’, and from a shared family value that’s also the shared middle name of Crystal and Samantha… “Joy”.  

As transplants from the Pacific Northwest, we have a deep respect and appreciation for the nation of Hawaii and its culture. Our passion for nature, animals, and homesteading brought us to Hawaii, where we have found a deep respect for the land, both the history and future preservation. We feel honored to be able to call this beautiful place home and are committed to respecting and honoring its traditions and values. We’re grateful for the warm welcome we’ve received from the community and are dedicated to being good stewards of the land and its resources.

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Our farm is a place where we can live and share our passions, and also a place to help others find their own passions. Our goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive space where people can connect with nature and each other. We want Ohana Joy Farm to be a place to make memories, to learn, to create bonds/friendships, and to discover and embrace the joys of life.

After spending years in the corporate world, we made the decision to leave it all behind and follow our passions during the uncertain times of the pandemic. We knew that we wanted to do something meaningful and fulfilling, and that's when we found our way to the farm. It's been a journey filled with challenges and rewards, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We are grateful to be able to share our love of nature, animals, and human connection with others, and to be able to live our dream every day.

Our Mission

To use our farm to grow food and plants that nourish the people and land around it, and supports the local ecosystem while doing no harm.

To help others find their passion, experience joy, and create memories while staying true to our core values

To use our venue space to promote creativity, education, community, and positivity by providing a safe place for community events, gatherings, performances and arts & entertainment, and a relaxed and welcoming venue for those wanting to host classes, workshops and events.

Our Core Values
and practices

Respect For All People

Respecting and accepting all people and their backgrounds, cultures and beliefs, and showing humanity at all times. Building an environment where the expectation is to expect respect by showing respect.

Respect For All Surroundings

Being respectful of the land, the ocean and wildlife and remaining mindful as to cause no harm. Farming as organically and sustainably as possible to support regrowth and repopulation of native plants and animals. Respecting property and Hawaiian sacred places and respecting the influence we have on life around us with energy, both negative & positive.


Taking pride in providing quality and professional services and unforgettable experiences, delivered with honesty, hard work, responsiveness

Joy/ Passion

Living and working each day with passion and positivity, spreading this message to others, and helping other discover what brings them joy by creating experiences and exposing them to nature. Staying forever inspired to imagine an innovate. Creating a space where people feel open to share, have fun, and create. Rewarding Drive


Ensuring a physically safe environment where all people feel safe to exist and express without prejudice, discrimination or harassment.


Engaging in our local community and staying educated about the issues and needs, including how we can help, supporting local causes and hosting local groups. Promoting the arts & community events. Supporting our local food system with healthy, chemical-free food and donating time & resources wherever possible.

Education & Learning

Supporting learning opportunities for all ages by hosting programs for schools and instructors to teach, including farming/agriculture, Hawaiian culture, the arts and more. Building an environment for all people to gather and enjoy enrichment and learning and spreading the message on the importance of education and curiosity in our world.

Cultural Obligation

Accepting our responsibility to listen to & respect the Hawaiian people and their sacred land, and to remain humble and grateful for the privilege to live here. To educate ourselves on Hawaiian culture, history and current issues. Learn More

Our Vision

To be South Kona’s most trusted venue for events, classes, and gatherings because of the positive impact we've had on others and our community, and from our commitment to cultivating a safe, judgement-free space that promotes understanding and learning, values humanity and compassion, and supports others in finding joy and passion in all parts of life.


An important value in Hawai'i is Mālama - To respect; care for, protect, nurture, preserve

"mālama ia Hawai‘i" - Take care of Hawai'i


Hawai'i is a beautiful paradise with an undeniable draw - it can attract an average of 200,00 visitors per day from all over the globe. While this tourism is welcomed it's important to remember that this paradise and it's culture are irreplaceable, and that respecting & preserving Hawai'i in all it's forms should be the number one priority.      

Learn more about Hawaiian values & how to visit Hawai'i respectfully
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