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About The Farm

Fruit Orchard, Coffee Field, Avocado Orchard, Greenhouse 

Ohana Joy Farm has over 6 acres of farmland on a rolling hill facing the Hawai'i big island's west coast. With over 100 varieties of fruit and even more types of local and exotic plants, there is always something to see and learn. We sell our fruit & coffee locally, as well as plants and starters, privately and at our local farmers market. We also believe an important part of a sustainable future lies in agricultural education, so we offer private farm tours, WWOOF/work opportunities and teaching space for local educators.

We're focused on sustainable and natural growing practices, with a commitment to preserving the health of our soil, our crops, and our animals. We try to grow delicious, nourishing crops to support our local food system.

What Do We Grow?

Almost 3 acres of the farm are devoted to growing Kona coffee, including both Kona Typica and Caturra varieties, A dedicated acre, as well as dispersed throughout the property, are over 75 avocado trees of 6 different varieties. The fruit orchard, often the main location for farm tours, is home to fruit from nearly every continent on the planet, and in less than 2 acres holds over 150 varieties of plants. We also have a large greenhouse where we sell plants and starters (see our Facebook for greenhouse events), and sell fruit wholesale and to the public when supply is available.

Fruit Sales


Ohana Joy Farm has over 100 varieties of native and exotic fruits. We sell our fruit at weekly farmers markets, by individual request, and to private wholesalers. This is dependent on the harvest and our personal availability so please check our Facebook or contact us to confirm what/where we're selling.

We're currently selling on Wednesdays at the Na'alehuu Farmer's Market from 8-2

Some of the fruit we grow & sell include varieties of mango, avocados, white sapote, dragonfruit, bilimbi, lemondrop mangosteen, soursop, eggfruit, jabuticaba, apples, noni fruit,  jackfruit, breadfruit, longan, loquat, abiu, mountain apple, false mangosteen, oranges, lemons, pomegranate, guava (pink, strawberry, indo, yellow), figs and more...

Check out our Facebook for fruit postings or contact us with specific questions or requests.

Plant Sales

Our greenhouse contains plants propagated from all over the farm and is open to the public on specific sale dates and by private appointment, we also sell our plants at local famer's markets. We sell house & decorative plants, including succulents, outdoor plants and ornamentals, and fruit starters. Specific plants and starters can be made available upon request, just ask. We love to chat so contact us with questions and requests.

We're currently selling on Wednesdays at the Na'alehuu Farmer's Market from 8-2

Check out our Facebook for greenhouse sale postings or contact us with specific questions or requests.


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